About Me, About the Straw

BARISTA: What can I get for you today?

ME: Iced grande skinny vanilla latte, please.

BARISTA: Oh right, you’re that girl who comes in here every morning, updating her blog and such. What’s your name again… Liz?

ME: (awkward pause) Sure, my name is Liz.

When your parents give you a name that few people can pronounce, let alone spell, you are forced to resort to drastic measures when ordering your daily dose of caffeine. Hence, I take on a variety of  pseudonyms in Starbucks each morning, including the ever popular “Liz.” While this has caused me quite a bit of trouble with a fellow customer named Lisette, I truly believe that it is worth the price of a potential cat fight with a 40 year old dyed-blonde obsessing over her clearly gay co-worker, Eric.

I say all this as an introduction to the purpose of this blog. After three years in a quaint New England liberal arts college and one year  in a magical city known as Oxford, I returned to the Empire State to live out my ADA Cabot dreams. Within a few years, though, I decided to switch gears and pursue the international journalism career I had never dreamed possible. Follow me through the 5000 worded madness.

However, keep in mind the defining feature of all these entries: the location in which they will be written and posted. As a profound lover of caffeine, I will frequent a coffee haven each time I update my cyber-audience on developments in my life. There may be a recession, and I may be earning only slightly above minimum wage, but an addiction is an addiction. And one cannot put a price tag on my true source of happiness.

10 responses to “About Me, About the Straw

  1. Lol, one of the best About Me’s that I’ve read. Hilarious picture of yourself, btw:)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Fresh Press. Loved the About Me! And I can definitely relate to the name thing! I often tell bartenders/waiters that my name is Olivia so I don’t have to spend like 10 minutes telling them how to say my name right lol.

  3. I also found your blog through Fresh Press and I’m addicted. As a fellow Starbucks addict, I can totally relate. I’ve been in Africa all semester struggling without my daily (or twice daily) dose of latte. AND I also make up names for myself, as “Sarah” is not common nor ever pronounced correctly here. My favorite so far is Pumba. Anyway, keep blogging! You’re great!

  4. Love your blog! Although I’m probably very much older than you, I can reach back into my life – both distant and near past – and can make immediate connections. Your About Me is great. I have the same problem with my name(s) and will just about answer to anything I’m called, within reason. It would take an essay to explain my names – suffice it to say that I’ve settled mostly upon “Bea” as a decent nickname that almost anyone can handle. Those who can’t, well, often they are my age nowadays and have a hearing problem. I give them the benefit of the doubt. You are an excellent blogger and writer. Please don’t ever stop writing.

  5. Awesome.

  6. Hi, I am a glass artist and stumbled upon your photo of your “Harlem Garden”. I would like to ask permission to use your photo as the basis for a piece I am working on, if you don’t mind. Please let me know your feeling. 🙂

  7. Haha…did I ever tell you that I used to give the people at the Starbucks on Worth Street a different three-letter name every time I ordered because they could not spell my real name….and they always misspelled my fake names too?

  8. Sreejit Poole

    I always go by Sam at starbucks. If i say Sreejit there’s no chance, and even Sree is only at 50%, but Sam is good for everyone.

  9. Bravo to your “about” page! Very happy to be a new follower of your blog!


  10. I literally can’t drink coffee, but I can dig this. I found your blog through a crowdsourcing website that I use to make side income. I saw that you blogged and my eyes lit up. Here I am. Please please PLEASE keep writing, Yaffa. I like your name. It tickles me.

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