In the freezer, of course.

In a down economy, people resort to all sorts of drastic measures in an attempt to keep their life savings safe and sound. For many, that means placing large wads of dollar bills underneath their pillows. For others, it’s about investing in good old fashioned piggy banks. And for my mother, it all comes down to an essential household appliance: the freezer.

Yes, my mother keeps her checks in the freezer. Apparently they thaw very quickly once removed from the monetary ice box. And apparently it’s hard to lose large amounts of money that way. Also, the process is relatively easy: Simply place the checks written for large quantities of cash in a freezer bag. Then place the freezer bags somehwere between your Morningstar meatless balls and your veggie Smart Dogs.

Now I’ll admit that until yesterday–Mother’s Day– I had no clue my mother stored checks in such a manner. But it doesn’t surprise me, and it won’t surprise my therapist. For all my idiosyncrasies (and there are plenty of them), I take comfort in knowing that at least a few of them are genetic.

To the woman responsible for half of who I am, may your checks never dampen.


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