Give me a hoot, hoot.

As someone with more than a mild case of OCD, I consider myself an expert on obsessions. And when asked to identify my top three obsessions at work the other day, I loudly proclaimed: COFFEE. OWLS. C-SPAN. (In that order.)

Now for anyone who reads this blog, the first proclamation needs little explanation. I eat, live, breathe caffeine-fueled fumes, and in the absence of them, I am a shell of myself. I am apocalyptic in thinking and hollow in emotion.

But how did I identify owls and C-SPAN as two other objects of desire? Well, let’s begin with the former. An old co-worker once told me to find my spirit animal, and to more importantly make sure my significant other identifies said spirit animal selection. Failure to make the correct selection could result in instantaneous breakup. (Note: I have not yet asked my SO to make such a selection.)

Regardless, when I took less than 60 seconds to ponder the possibilities, I immediately landed on owl, the creepy wise creature of the night. Me, in a nutshell. And if you don’t believe me, examine my wardrobe and accessory collection for evidence. Necklaces, shirts, skirts, and even a winter hat proudly exhibit the old geezer.

In fact, I even subscribe to an esty forum for owl addicts. Though, of course, we prefer the term “lovers.” To me, owls are New Yorkers with wings– deeply cynical and hardened members of the Audubon family who only truly come alive at night. And consequently whenever I hear, see, or feel their presence, I come alive– in a manner similar to my post-latte resurgence. Owls sightings, like coffee, invigorate me.

Similarly, C-SPAN– the nerdiest cable channel on Time Warner Cable– and I have a love-love relationship. When my parents got divorced, my father and I would spend Sundays glued to C-SPAN, watching as old white men debated old white men issues. It was at that time– around age 7– that I decided I wanted to join the old white men club and spice it up with some female sentiment.

And for the next 10 years I pursued a career as a senator, watching the channel daily, memorizing the names of each and every representative, solidifying my loonie leftie political leanings, and learning just enough information to impress the president of my current company in a closed door meeting.

So much so that on the way out of said meeting, I informed my boss that I have watched 1-2 hours of C-SPAN daily for the last 16 years. To which he replied, “Well that explains so much about you, doesn’t it?”

I’ll drink to that. Happy Friday!



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