On being an inanimate object.

Halloween is not exactly my thing. The nice Jewish girl that I am, I reserve my excessively over the top costumes for the holiday of Purim. And for the last five years that I have resided in the secular world and chosen to refrain from engaging in the night of debauchery, I have done so successfully. With the exception of my junior year abroad when I dressed up as a nun and a “priest”flirted with me, on October 31st I’ve just been me.

But this year is different. I work in an office where Halloween is a cause for celebration and a costume is mandatory to participate. And so today, in spite of the horrendous weather, my coworker D and I ventured to the ends of the earth– read the Upper West Side– and purchased the supplies needed to create one of a kind outfits for All Hollow’s Eve.

No, I am not Martha Stewart. Crafts are not my thing, and glitter is most definitely not my friend. But in the spirit of challenging myself to get a little more out of my comfort zone a little more often, I dared myself to be both crafty and employ a lot of glitter in said craft. I then schelpped the items necessary to complete this challenge 100 blocks downtown and began the process of assembling them. Thus far I have three paper cuts and one black and blue mark to show for my efforts.

Perhaps you are curious as to what I intend to be? Well, there are three clues I can provide: I will be an inanimate object. I will be something you can neither touch nor feel, but are very much aware is happening. I will be dominated by shades of black, white, and peony pink.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my glitter gun.



One response to “On being an inanimate object.

  1. A spirit that has not crossed over?

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