One cashew less at a time.

I have a (not) so secret thing for Christmas trees.

It’s that glorious time of year when I compile a list of resolutions to ring in the new year. While I must admit I have failed to meet three of my previous year’s resolutions, I refuse to be discouraged. In fact, I plan to carry them into 2012, all the while compiling an entirely new list.

So without further adieu I present Living on a Latte’s Entirely Caffeine-Free New Year’s Resolutions List of 2012:

1) Eat less cashews. Between you, me, and all the American children with nut allergies, I will admit I have an unhealthy addiction. As in consume a 32 oz jar of cashews in two days addiction. And this addiction has translated into some unnecessary flubber in the abdomen, hips, and tuchis area. This year I resolve to make better cashew-related decisions– perhaps even buy the 100 calorie packs from Trader Joe’s.

2) Not be afraid to ask for what I want. In the coming year I am planning to make a drastic career change, and this will require me asking some very powerful people in some very important places for some very competitive positions. In order to do so, though, I must be bold, determined, and fearless. Or as my sixth grade English teacher phrases it, “Like the lotto, you have to be in to win it.”

3) Diversify my blogosphere reading. If one were to do a quick scan of my blogroll, one would notice something very quickly: I religiously read fashion, food, and politics blogs. But it’s time for me to embrace my inner techie and read Wired’s daily blog or subscribe to Andrew Sullivan’s religion-esque blog. It’s time I engaged the Renaissance woman, dormant for the last 22 years, and challenged myself to learn about subjects beyond my comfort zone.

4) Send more handwritten letters. Heaven knows how much I adore snail mail. And if I expect to receive a steady flow, I must reciprocate. Therefore, I have resolved to spend my Chanukah money on some classy stationary from the best of Etsy and send all my biddies some handwritten love notes. (If you’d like to be included in my letter love fest, let me know!)

5) Master the art of heeled boots. As those who have followed my blog since its inception know,  last year I resolved to learn the art of walking in heels. And while I am far from Lady Gaga in Alexander Wang footwear, I have made some minor improvements. But given the season and my love of everything boot related, I believe a more specific goal may be more effective so heeled boot walking it is.

What are your resolutions, loyal readers? I’d like to expand my list and need some inspiration.


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