Getting my Jewish boy a cappella groove on.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year indeed. The Maccabeats, the Yeshiva University group responsible for last year’s holiday sensation “Candlelight,” have released a new Chanukah single. And this time they’re taking their inspiration from a fellow beardless Jew, Matisyahu.

In their video for “Miracle,” the Maccabeats dare us to believe in the impossible, derive our strength from the One Above, and embrace eight nights of caloric celebrations. They also remind me just how attractive boys seem when they can hold tunes. Or as Uncle Jesse might phrase it, “Have mer-cy!”

Yes, I’ll admit it, while baking Chanukah cookies with my favorite child in all of New York City, I played this new hit single on repeat. And all Aldie could say is, “Seriously, Yaffa, marry them… preferably the one who randomly dresses up in the astronaut costume and parades around in their music videos. I’d come to your wedding if you had it in space.”

And with that brief introduction, I leave you with the breakout hit of Chanukah 2011: 



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