Who needs Simon and Garfunkel…

when we have Garfunkel and Oates, a fun and femme LA duo who make a living mocking the absurdities of everyday 20something existence? In perhaps my favorite Youtube video of 2009 they take a jab at pregnant biddies. Given the number of high school friends I have who are fertile turtles, I have recently found myself surrounded by baby bumps.

And Garfunkel and Oates capture my less than ladylike sentiment towards the matter in their satiric song, “Pregnant Women Are Smug.” As they so aptly phrase it, You’re just giving birth now. You’re not Mother Earth now. While bringing another human life into the world is hugely significant, it does not diminish the value of people– namely, me– who have yet to take the leap into parenthood.

While I may not be contributing to the economic stability of Pampers Inc., I am still managing to find a way to contribute to society. Goodness knows I keep Starbucks and Apple in business these days. Oh, and every publication with the words “New York” in the title. Simply stated, I find ways to fuel my local economy sans bottle nipples and baby wipes.

But rather than simply praise the poignance of the lyrics and their relation to my life, I’ll let you be the judge of G&O’s musical genius:


One response to “Who needs Simon and Garfunkel…

  1. That was fabulous. Loved it. Even though I’ve been pregnant a bunch of times (6, actually. 5 made it to births) and have 6 kids (yeah, twins too). Totally agree with them – and with you. A woman’s value has nothing to do with being a mom.

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