Leaf Crunching Extravaganza.

The leaves are FINALLY changing colors.

In order to spice up the blog I’m beginning a new weekly feature: a round up of articles, items, and other material goods that I am currently crushing on. It’s also my chance to give you a quick summary of my weekend plans, which currently include brunching with Bostonians, West Village babysitting, screening “Meloncholia” at the Angelika, and attempting to blog about a subject on which I know virtually nothing: wine and cheese pairings. (Any suggestions regarding said pairings, which are not courtesy of Google, would be highly appreciated.)

Further proof that Jane Austen and I are sisters from another mister.

My perfect New Year’s Eve outerwear accessory.

I would definitely be “The Woman Obsessed With Her Career.”

The most delicious dish for my paralegal potluck next week.

A sultry polish, sure to attract (un)wanted male attention.

And for all my single ladies.

Happy leaf crunching!


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