I need to get married.

And I don’t mean now, or even in the near future, but someday.  In preparation for that someday, I have begun choreographing my father-daughter dance. While such a dance is unheard of amongst Orthodox Jewry, I have been inspired by the following dynamic duo:

Now I know what you must be thinking. If dancing stereotypes have even a wee bit of accuracy, my father and I simply cannot compete. But, avid readers, father-daughter dances are not competitions. They are, however, an opportunity to surprise many unsuspecting guests. And if properly rehearsed, they have the potential to wind up on YouTube.

If we’re honest, what more could two semi-rhythmic family members hope for? Well in the case of my father and I, a whole lot more rhythm. While my father may envision himself a fourth  member of the Bee Gees (and photos of him taken in the 70s confirm this delusion), he was neither graced with their accents or their moves. And no amount of Saturday Night Fever viewings can change that reality.

But fortunately for Father Fredrick, his daughter does not have two left feet. And if she (being me) sets out to choreograph a memorable wedding diddy, he can and will master it. I recognize, though, that this may take a significant amount of time, and so in preparation for a wedding years-in-the-making, I have employed the 2′ x 4′ empty patch of floor in my bedroom to bust a few moves.

Of course, said patch of floor is conveniently located in front of a full-length mirror. And so I have been able to both smile and cry at my attempts at rhythmic movement. But as the late Aaliyah once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.” Did I mention this lyric has become my life motto?

But I must return to my choreography work. If you are still interested in listening to me babble– only this time about bare legs– head over to A-Line Fashion for your daily dose of autumnal styling.


One response to “I need to get married.

  1. You are hilarious!!! Since my dad and I don’t particularly have any rhythm we opted to skip the whole father-daughter dance. But if I were braver I would have done like you plan to and choreographed it with an indefinite amount of time before the wedding.

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