The weekend I sold out and became a hipster…

was the weekend my flats dug their golden flaws into my ankles and made bloodied mince meat out of them. And the weekend that Urban Outfitters just happened to be having a 30 percent off sale, and in true stereotypical Jew fashion, I couldn’t resist the savings.

I say this all to explain my footwear in the following montage of my Boston Biddie Weekend. I never intended to shell out my hard earned cash money on overpriced Tom’s footwear, but then I saw them– hunter green loafers– and my feet swelled from happiness (or perhaps that was a delayed response to pain).

I apologize. I never intended to be THAT girl; the one in the questionable hipster footwear, pretending to be more of a humanitarian than she truly is. And I certainly never suspected that I would wear said aspiring humanitarian footwear to a public gathering in the North End, an area of Boston known more for its gnocchi than good will.

But I did. Please refrain from judgment. In fact, in true pre-Rosh Hashana fashion, I beseech you to leave the judgment to the One Above. And, yes, I know the blazer does little to mitigate my faux-hipster persona.

**All photos courtesy of the Wandering Asian Gnome.


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