Bring it, Irene.

Like any child, I went through a variety of professional aspirations: actress, police officer, unicorn. But perhaps the most notable career goal I had was becoming  a professional storm chaser. However, East Coast living tends not to be the most conducive to said profession, and so I have been relegated to the realm of law… at least until this weekend.

With Hurricane Irene looming on the Southern horizon, I was finally granted the opportunity to embrace my inner storm chaser and take to the streets of Lower Manhattan. With my two finance roommates by my side, we ventured towards Broadway. The iPhone-loving roommate then carefully photographed the pre-storm preparations.

First, the MTA closed down mass transit, forcing us to remain within walking distance of our apartment. Granted, we live in Nolita, and if were were to be stranded in any neighborhood of the city, it certainly is one of the neighborhoods with the most pizzaz.

Then, mistakenly thinking a few clothing stores would be open– given that it was was a weekend in the summer– we ventured towards H & M. However, it appeared that the Swedish owners, unaccustomed to hurricanes, traded in their sales for their safety:

And like any good aspiring Jewish mama would do, I then suggested we head towards our closest grocery store, Dean & Deluca. Sadly, my favorite gourmet eatery, fearing the worst and possessing an unusually large amount of extraneous cardboard, had closed for the day:

So, like any 20somethings, we decided to head to our local liquor shop, aptly named “Wine Therapy,” and picked up a bottle of Chilean red wine. Yes, the liquor shop, despite the ominous warnings, did not take heed.

If only Starbucks had felt the same way. Instead they greeted me with the following sign: “Blame the weatherman. Not us. Closed until further notice.” I would have cried, if not for my excitement about the impending storm and the materialization of a childhood dream.

Sadly this here biddie has developed a bad case of the sniffles, and so I am confined to sipping a rare Indian blend of herbs and praying to the cold gods that be. Bring redemption my way so I can begin my visual assessment of the destruction Irene left in her path.


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