“Some of the best, most interesting people I’ve met.”

Four years ago today, I began first-year (not to be confused with the gender insensitive term, “freshman”) orientation, and frankly it was a magical time in my life. I met several women who would alter the course of my Wellesley career. These women, more commonly referred to as my “biddies for life,” were and are my inspiration and strength in the midst of my 20something confusion.

Unfortunately, most of them do not live a one minute walk away from my dorm room anymore. They cannot drop their 500 page edition of Middlemarch or desert their tumor-filled mice in the science lab and run over to my room to reassure me that I am fully capable of composing a 100+ document on the trials and tribulations of African health policy implementation.

They are unable to make the requisite six AM Starbucks run with me each morning, as Portia, my favorite barista of all freaking time, assures me that I will not overdose on the trenta– despite its 31 oz. enormity. And they are incapable of telling me– face-to-face– that despite my obvious special snowflake status, I have potential to do great(ish) things if I set my mind and heart to it.

Perhaps this is why I take profound comfort in the Wellesley 2015 Class Orientation flash mob video, in which RAs, first-year mentors, and even a few deans, reassure the incoming class that they can and will be women who will make a difference in the world:

Though I am no Katy Perry fan, every so often a few cliche song lyrics is all I need to remind myself that despite the geographical distance, my Wellesley biddies are very much there in spirit– teleporting me lattes and love. They truly are, as one Yale boy phrased it today, “Some of the best, most interesting people I’ve met.”


2 responses to ““Some of the best, most interesting people I’ve met.”

  1. I love you 🙂

  2. Love you Yaffa! Miss you!

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