Confessions of a seven year old bookworm

Only-children have quite a bit of time on their hands. With no siblings to distract them, they are free to explore their inner creative geniuses. Or, in my case particular case, my inner bookworm.

My mother, a devout bookworm herself, maintains the philosophy that “for books, there are always available funds.” As a result, from the time I was a seven year old girl devouring Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, I maintained a commitment to all literary-related endeavors.

And today, amidst filing week madness, I made the executive decision to pursue my latest bookworm project: tracking down Brazenhead Books, a bookshop so secretive it does not even have a website. Since it is not registered as an official business, it is technically an illegal operation– one which as an employee of the city government I should probably scorn, but in reality I relish the thought of experiencing.

And so it was with that devilish excitement in mind that I  have decided to journey this weekend to the magical little bookstore, which legally should not exist but thankfully is up and running. There is  but one glitch in my spontaneity: The bookstore, operated out of the owner’s residential apartment, does not have a known address.

Thus far the only information I have gathered is that Michael Seidenberg, the book shop’s owner, resides on E. 8oth, potentially between 1st and 2nd Avenues, but likely farther east than that. In between “fighting crime” and Saturday, I must therefore engage in some serious reconnaissance and get a more precise address for this mysterious little gem.

I will keep you posted on my super nerd expedition, but for now enjoy the short Etsy-made video documenting the wonders of this literary gem.


2 responses to “Confessions of a seven year old bookworm

  1. Great post! I can only hope my daughter (who will be an only child) is as much as a bookworm as I am. By the way, have you read Alice Ozma’s The Reading Promise? If you haven’t, you must! It’s such a great autobiographical book. I have a review and interview with her on my blog if you’re interested.

  2. Oh my goodness once you find the location of this magical-sounding place, you absolutely have to share it with me.

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