One year old never looked so good.

Avid readers, today is a magical day. It’s Living on a Latte and a Prayer‘s first birthday, and I must acknowledge all the lovely subscribers and commentators who have made my entrance into the blogosphere oh-so-special. Your kind and critical words have helped to make me the certifiable caffeine addict that I am. My only hope is that you continue down this crazy coffee-laden road with me in the months and years to come.

It’s quite strange, but the true source of inspiration for this blog was a brief comment a friend once made regarding my study abroad blog. She wrote, “Yaf, for a girl who claims to have a blog devoted to European adventures, you sure do have a talent for finding a way to always bring it back to coffee.” And with a rare talent such as that I soon realized I needed to create a blog to fit my personal mantra: You can never have too much caffeine.

Given the aforementioned mantra, I determined to celebrate today with a coffee-cupcake: part baked good gooey goodness and part liquid euphoria. L’Chaim!


2 responses to “One year old never looked so good.

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad to be following you!

  2. Happy birthday!!!!

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