Give ’em the old razzle coffee-filled dazzle.

If, as Joss Whedon argues in Buffy the Musical, life is a show for which there is no time to rehearse, then I have just concluded my ever-so-brief intermission. Act Two, in which I assume the role of a tax-paying, rent-paying young New York something whoring myself to the coffee gods that be has just begun.

The opening number for this act: “Razzle Dazzle” from Bob Fosse’s Chicago. Each of us has a talent; for the Gentile Giant, it is the gift of laughter; for her mother, the gift of gab; and for me, well, it’s my ability to insert coffee or Jew into almost any possible sentence.

Fortunately, in a city like New York, these are two words that will take you quite far. And so it was with little hesitation that I introduced myself to my fellow legal aid. He was notably sporting a Starbucks grande cup, which he appeared to be clutching for dear life. Clearly he and I would have a lot in common.

I realize that I am a bit of special snowflake– the first thing I notice about anyone new I meet is their caffeinated beverage of choice. Eye color, hair color, body build be damned. When it comes to introductions, I always begin by referencing caffeine (or religion, if I notice an individual with similarly large olfactory proportions).

In this case, my fellow cohort was of the Hindu variety. Coffee would have to suffice. I mentioned to him my magical Starbucks card, the card which automatically reloads every time I near caffeine extinction. He nodded in approbation, and like a Disney princess, I swear I heard the birds beyond the window frame sing out in joy.

I was soon informed by a departing legal aid, though, that my happiness should not be limited to the response of one aspiring lawyer. Most of New York shared my similar proclivity towards caffeine, and if I waved that magical card around long enough, pretty soon I’d have 7 million new facebook friends.

And while I knew his words to be true, the only response I could muster was, “Why do you think I moved back to this city?” It was a New York moment, one of the many I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks, when I start to envision my future here, when I begin to realize just how well I fit in with the landscape– abandoned Starbucks cups and all.


One response to “Give ’em the old razzle coffee-filled dazzle.

  1. This is a great post! Not only do you quote one of my favorite Chicago numbers, I have to agree with you that the ability to insert Jewish or coffee truly can start a conversation. As a fellow Jew, I find that playing the “Jew card” comes quite handy.

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