Savvy and Sassy Take on Tumblr

This a brief but wondrous service announcement: I have started a second blog. Aided by the Beloved Roommate, I have embarked on my first collaborative blog initiative. The tagline– “Two friends. Two cities. One summer.”– indicates the basic premise: an exchange of brief notes between the Beloved Roommate, based in Boston, and myself, residing in New York.

Of course, you can expect many of the themes present in this blog– caffeine addiction, employment woes, and matchmaking dilemmas– to color the content of the new blog. However, have no fear, I do not intend to duplicate stories. This blog will continue to present new and semi-witty general content, while the other will focus on brief, but poignant storytelling.

In this manner, I hope to hone my prose, both in length and brevity, and I ask that all my loyal greenstraw readers accompany me on this summer long adventure. But just to give you a sneak peak into the tumblr madness to come, I will leave you with a preview of our About Me section: We enjoy sundresses, lattes, and linking pinkies. Also the legal system or manuscripts, depending on which of us you’re talking to.

Can you even contain your excitement? Savvy and Sassy certainly can’t:


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