What we learn about ourselves… during finals.

While most college seniors are in the midst of graduation celebrations, my Wellesley biddies and I are spending our every waking hour and penny at the local Starbucks churning out final papers.

And in the midst of this writing bonanza, I have come to several realizations about myself:

1. Even Types-As can procrastinate. I used to think only Type-Bs, with little ambition and even less drive, were the only ones who spent time perusing NBC for the latest SNL shorts. I thought wrong. Over the last 72 hours I have viewed the SNL short– Jack Sparrow– at least fifty times (yes, like the rapper). Much thanks to the Gentile Giant for introducing me to the wonders of Lonely Island-Michael Bolton collaborations:

2. I am caffeine-blind. I do not privilege one form of caffeine over the other; lattes, diet cokes, and Indian chai are all acceptable and welcome forms of energy boosters. While I have my personal preferences– Starbucks, I’m talking to you– I am also diligently saving for my New York move and have had to sacrifice my twice daily routine in order to purchase a spatula for my new apartment.

3. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is my finals, and perhaps life anthem. And though I have little in common with an uneducated Detroit rapper– except our noticeably pasty skin color– his words speak to me. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow; this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.

And with that I return to the conclusion of my final paper of my college career. In the words of the Beloved Roommate, “Get it, girl.”


5 responses to “What we learn about ourselves… during finals.

  1. True Fact: Lonely Island upgraded this finals period from depths of hell to a bearable sauna.

  2. did that say “twice daily routine”…. oy vei.. what kind of monster have I created?

  3. So I know you’ve said that once I make it to the concrete jungle where dreams are made your couch belongs to me….but can I borrow your spatula, too?

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