Brought to you by the letter Starbucks

When in doubt, take a sporcle quiz to figure it out. Yes, avid readers, my new mantra is that every decision can be made with the use of a handy dandy sporcle quiz. Today, courtesy of the Beloved Roommate, I took the “Can you name the city with the most Starbucks?” quiz. I guessed 28 of 30, missing Calgary (seriously!) and Bangkok (um, what?) .

The significance of the quiz, though, is not the two cities I missed, but the top three cities I correctly identified: London (270 locations), Tokyo (260), and New York (216). As a senior struggling to make the career choice that is in my best coffee-related interest, I have continually been drawn to London, and more specifically the graduate program to which I was accepted, and New York, a city that has never ceased to inspire me, though currently provides no source of permanent income.

I imagine, given the quantity of Starbucks locations in Tokyo, I should begin investing in Japanese lessons as well. For now, though, I am content to limit my job search to the two cities that recognize that a Starbucks addiction is a perfectly acceptable and perhaps even laudable caffeine-driven pursuit.

Brooke Shields once said, “No one comes between me and my Calvins.” I would modify that statement and say, no one comes between Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes and me. It is for this reason that I leave you with a video my Albright fellows feel best encapsulates my outlook on life:

*I should note that said recommendation was followed by a link to a blog called “Starbucks Anonymous.” A little research indicates, however, that the creators of the blog soon gave into their addiction and abandoned their advice column to pursue bigger and better cappuccinos.


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