Living like I’m south of the equator.

While in theory I should be in the throes of global affairs, I am in actuality plagued by a bout of summer lust. And since in South Africa and other countries fortunate enough to be south of the equator it is indeed summer, I am living my life as if I reside in Cape Town (instead of Wellesley).

That being said, I am also cooking for myself. I should preface my culinary conquests with a brief explanation: I loathe lettuce. It is an unnecessary addition to an already healthy salad. In Israel, for example, salads consist of cucumbers and tomatoes sans lettuce. And shockingly, the people survive and thrive. Their lettuce deficiencies are far from conspicuous or life threatening.

Hence, in setting out to create the perfect summer salad I neglected the far from vital ingredient. Recreating a version of a tomato, peach, and avocado salad, I added a bit of red onion and experimented with a new ingredient: chile flakes. One additional resolution I have made for 2011 is to try one new food item each week, and on this particular day chile flakes, courtesy of a  Trader Joe’s sale, were the lucky winners.

Photos courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere


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