My color is coffee.

2010– flight cancellations excluded– has been an all around romping good time. I planed an Oxford Ball, explored ten new countries, completed my first thesis chapter, and added a little color to my New York inspired wardrobe.

In 2011,  I subsequently resolve to:

1. Diversify my coffee interests– try new flavors, and perhaps even new roasts.

2. Venture into unchartered territories, literally and metaphorically. After all, I am the metaphorical mountain climber.

3. Allot one hour a week to listen to This American Life (instead of allowing my podcasts to collect dust in my iTunes vault).

4. Learn how to cook anything but baked goods. Bring on the artichokes and asparagus, baby!

5. Master the art of walking in heels. I might have to employ some inspiration.


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