“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

Instead of bemoaning my singledom or my failed attempts to find romance with a heterosexual male, I am embracing my crazy spinster aunt status. And by embracing, I mean procrastinating on my film paper by watching 27 Dresses, a rom-com of mediocre, yet memorable quality. And one, which with every bridesmaid’s dress I procure, I find myself identifying with more and more.

The tagline of the film– “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”– is clearly going to be my Wellesley yearbook quote. Perhaps instead of the requisite baby photo, I will substitute in images of me in some of  the artfully crafted dresses that have graced my body (and now grace the cyber walls of e-bay). In the meantime, I have resigned myself to over-analyzing the following sequence from 27 Dresses, which juxtaposes two of my favorite men– one gay and the other married with two kids: Elton John and James Marsden.

Katherine Heigl, the lead, forms an attachment to both men, and a pattern emerges– her desire for both the biologically (Elton) and the morally (James) unattainable man. It may be a classic case of wanting what we can’t have, but I have a theory, as a woman of the Heigl variety, that another psychological principle is at play. Watch as her alcohol-induced stupor leads to musical shenanigans and see if you can decipher an alternative principle.


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