Living the 90 year old blogger dream.

Amidst all the panic that is senior year– will I have job in June? will I get the fellowship in the UK? will I pass my pesky lab requirement and graduate?– I have taken time to consider what I truly want out of life. And while I have yet to achieve complete clarity, I now have inspiration.

Meet Phyllis Greene, the 90 year old blogger, currently in hospice care in Ohio. To cite one of her wonderful entries, “When I was 80, I became an author.” In the sense that she finally took control of her narrative and started sharing it with a wider audience. Well, I might have been 70 years ahead of her, but her story resonated with me. It gave me something to aspire to– I want to be blogging when I am 90 and can’t remember the name of  my first born child anymore. I want to be blogging when my diet consists of sugar free jello and prune juice. I want to be blogging long after I retire from the Jewmba/zumba business and embrace a world of stationary activity.

And like Phyllis, I want to be making sexually inappropriate comments about my love of men young enough to be my grandsons– namely, Michael Buble:


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