Man Seeking Coffee: the 21st Century Personal Ad

Some of you may recall I mentioned in a not so distant post that one of the three questions I ask all potential suitors is, “Do you like coffee?” Well, the New York Times gods must have been perusing my blog when they published the article, “The New Coffee Bar: Unplug, Drink, Go,” a fascinating look into the ever-evolving shape of the modern coffee shop.

In said article, which delves into my new favorite coffee spot– Stumptown Coffee Roasters— there is mention of another caffeine-related blog, entitled “Man Seeking Coffee.” Said caffeine-seeker explores coffee shops across America, rating and ranking them for his loyal readers. Basically, it’s a coffee junkie’s viral paradise. And there is no question that this blogger adores caffeine, perhaps even more than I, with a less sophisticated palette and wealth of experience, do.

My point is that I have found a potential future husband, who meets one of my three major criteria. The only glitch: his name is Christian Geckeler, which means his chances of subscribing to the Jewish faith are next to nil. Oh, also, he lives in San Francisco; and with my wealth of relationship experience (please refrain from laughter), I have learned that long-distance relationships never quite work out the way you’ve planned.

However, after hours of manseekingcoffee snooping, I have been inspired to create a new feature on my blog: The Caffeine Roll, which includes links to my favorite sites devoted to coffee, baristas, and the cafes that supply both. I invite you to share suggestions of additional blogs worthy of consumption.

Now for a parting image– Stumptown baristas who make me think I’ve died and gone to espresso filled heaven:


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