All I want for Christmas is a bagel and schmear.

I know I am rather delayed in my posting on David Black, the latest intern to depart from the World Policy Journal. However, I have been distracted by a rather exciting event said to occur this weekend: the Gay Boys Barbecue. For one evening only, my mother has decided to host an event for the lovely men of Manhattan, a.k.a. the Chelsea Boys. These Boys are the ones who taught me my very first life lesson: never pursue acting, and more importantly, never date an actor.

While I have no doubt they will provide future blog fodder,  I must return to the intern of the day. David, a prepster attending a hippie school (Bard), filled a particular niche in the office this summer– the I-actually-understand-bar-graphs-and-what-they-mean-for-humanity niche, to be precise. Yes, the resident economist, he wrote, and with quite a bit of passion and understanding, about all things China. He got down and dirty with communist dictators, and even was the recipient of some lovely “hate messages” for his stance on future global economic development.

Mind-numbing numbers aside, David was an interesting character for another reason: He was a non-Jew living on the Upper West Side, code for “I’m a Modern Orthodox Jew, and I graduated from [insert ivy league here]”. Yes, all those doctors, lawyers, and Columbia academics– the ones who take off nearly all of September for four weeks of consecutive High Holidays– reside between 59th and 109th, and west of Central Park. And yet, somehow, David, a rugby player possessing multiple pairs of loafers, calls this 50 block span of the city his own.

He is a testament to the diversity of New York. His family, a pack of globe trotting journalists, have chosen mini Jerusalem as their new home. They even paid to send him and his sister to Trinity, the leading prep school in the United States, which coincidentally is 50% Jewish. From this I must conclude that David and his family have a secret addiction to bagels and schmears (as in cream cheese and lox, people). And frankly, who can blame them?

But just in case this entry is peppered with too many references to my people, I leave you with one of my favorite Catholic photographs– drawn from the folder on my laptop entitled,  “Nuns having way more fun than I am.”

Here's to state fairs in the summertime!


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