A Whimsical Wednesday.

Avid readers, another carefully crafted surprise awaits you. Tomorrow morning I will have the privilege of introducing a new guest blogger to The Green Straw. In an attempt to build up the suspense and keep you clicking back for more, I will reveal only three clues as to the identity of the mysterious contributor.

1. The blogger is male. And heterosexual, which I know many of you would consider a first for me. Yaffa has a straight male friend? And Starbucks is going out of business, right?

2. He isn’t so into plants or other forms of vegetation. At least not in the sense of basic botanical maintenance.

3. He once lived in the infamous Chelsea Hotel, where Patti Smith and Janis Joplin resided in the 1960s. Though his stay there did not coincide with theirs.

I expect you to express similar excitement.


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