He had me at vegetarian.

In part two of my series on interns at the World Policy Journal, I examine the inner workings of Mr. Seth Walder, a boy whose biggest claim to fame is that he is “co-editor-in-chief” of his college newspaper. Oh, also his dad is chair of the MTA and owns a villa in France, which Seth, because of this internship, could not visit this summer.

But now, for the full spectacle:

Unlike Caroline, who both embraced my love of musicals and shared in my ignorance of sports, Seth is a Phantom-of-the-Opera bashing, aspiring sports journalist– seeking employment at ESPN or CBS, but he’ll take what he can get. Yes, Seth, in a word, is a boy. I would have called him the All-American boy, as he loves baseball– specifically the Red Sox (obviously not a native New Yorker!), and I would imagine enjoys apple pie. However, unlike the stereotypical All-American boy, who considers prime ribs to be a delicacy, Seth refrains from consuming animals.

While Seth strongly disdains the question, “So why did you stop eating beef?”, I knew the minute he expressed frustration at the prompt that we would get along. Mainly, because like him, I don’t entirely know the reason I gave up kosher hot dogs with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. I just did, at age 17, and I haven’t looked back since. Believe me, an Orthodox Jew who doesn’t devour meat is certainly not the norm; I literally eat nothing at my friends’ weddings except potato kugel and carrot cake.

Returning to the topic at hand, though–the fantasy baseball player— I must add enjoys Whole Foods more than any other testosterone-driven individual I have encountered. While I view the store my mother deliberately refers to as “Whole Paycheck” as an overpriced foodie’s haven, I have never met a boy who shares the same sentiment. Well, perhaps I have, but perhaps said boy also preferred boys. I believe the point here is this– how refreshing it is to meet a heterosexual male who is not afraid to embrace the wonders of fresh produce and Greek yogurt.

However, there is more to Mr. Meatless Mondays than his eating habits and propensity for anything David Ortiz-related. There is his daily banter with David, our boss. Topics range from the imminent death of print journalism to Seth’s refusal to embrace the wonders of good old fashioned books. Yes, the last full book he read for pleasure was in April, and it was about baseball, which hardly qualifies.

Nonetheless, his departure will mark another ending to a summer that seems to be replete with them. In fact, next week yet another intern departs for bigger and better things. And by things, I mean Bard. The polo-wearing intern returns to hipster central, and you can only imagine the thoughts I will have to share about him.

In the meantime, Seth would like me to take the opportunity to shamelessly promote his twitter, which I warn you is entirely devoted to discussions of men who get paid far too much to throw/hit/kick balls around all day.


2 responses to “He had me at vegetarian.

  1. I am torn between declaring my love for this kid (because he is both a New Yorker and a Red Sox fan) and judging him harshly (because he doesn’t read for pleasure). CONUNDRUM!

  2. Woah woah woah. I read a ton. Just not books.

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